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The End   
12:53pm 25/05/2005
mood: chill

"What I become, my sweetest friend...?"

"You can have it all... my Empire of Dirt..."


Well, I would like to annouce my retirement from Live Journal. It's too gay for me. Well it has been good, spent many-a-good drunken nights with you guys.

Peace be with you

I love you ALL,

Brian Hugh Ignatius Carver


P.S. You know, all the problems of a honkey-guy and a wormy sidekick don't amount to a-hill-a beans in this crazy world...

----------------end transmission---------------

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12:03am 22/05/2005
mood: a little drunk

So I'm here... Drinking...

I wonder if it is because of Her, or maybe I just needed a drink.

I gave it up, but still... I wonder...

Like, "Stairway to Heaven".

It makes me wonder...

Welp, I guess what "they" say is true... The grass is always greener... And you don't know what it is you really have until it's gone... gone....... gone........


I love you ALL,

Brian Hugh Ignatius Carver (The Shepard)... (Mac's hero)

P.S. was I joking? you'll never no.... ****no****

Good Evening   
04:15pm 14/05/2005
mood: recumbent

I have an important annoucement to make: the longest word in the English dictionary is not Antidisestablishmentarianisms

it is: Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanokoniosis -a lung disease caused by the inhalation of very fine silica dust (45 letters long)


It is a real word too.


That is all.




Brian H. Carver

Well, it's time.   
02:37pm 02/05/2005

This weekend I had bitter sweet sex with a Polish-girl whose rack was the size of two melons. Nice and Ripe too. Just kidding, I delcare that Rich is a God. This weekend we went on a hike, and it was stupendous journey. Then we went back home after we dropped Dave of, and rolled a nice j! It was sweet when we smoked it on the way home. Never had a better weekend. That is all.


----------------end transmission------------------


Brian Hugh Ignatius Carver

Please Bleed....   
11:31pm 04/04/2005
  Here's to you (YOU) starting with a M....

Theatus, the next king of Araborn, whatches the 2nd moon rise in the distance over the mountains... Fagin speakes to him... Erland Finkelberry has his bow pointed West, Sheela had fallen asleep restoring her cleric spells, Judea (the greatest Monk in the WORLD) is no longer seen by human mans eye, and Zamza (the monk) is meditating... A noise is heard West a half an hour later... Erland is ready, are you...?

What do YOU do?

you know what to do

The sheperd....

---------end transmission---------
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Whhhhhat on Eeeeearth is thatttt....??????   
11:20pm 04/04/2005

Yo-Yo-Yo-YOOOOO, I wanna say one thing.... What's the meaning of life? Comon' I'm not being THAT serious... Tell me...

Honeslty I think the Meaning of life is to die? But not really expect it....


P.S. I got a date to prom!


I pint for Pope John Paul II.... We love you, and we'll miss you.... Happy flight to Heaven, may all of the Human-Race meet you there.


I love you all,

Brian H. Carver,


------------------------end transmission-----------------------------

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Time for Seriousness....   
11:13pm 19/03/2005

It has come time for seriousness.....

I've become an alcoholic.

I don't need any responses...

Brian H. Carver

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12:14am 17/03/2005
mood: drunk and happy

HAPPY St. Patrick's DAY TO ALL!!!


The happiest day of the season, year, and life... enjoy, and be careful....




Love you all always and 4ever,

Brian Hugh Ignatius Carver

----------------end transmission----------------

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This is what I meant to say....   
12:59am 05/03/2005
mood: chill

Here is to YOU, (you know who you are),

I love you, always have - always will....


----------end transmission----------


love you all! (especially YOU)

p.s.  here's one for the guys...

hahahahahaha....aha... aaaaahhh hahahaha, aha... hahahahahahahahaha ...........ahhhhhhhhhhh hahaha, aha aha aha.... diarrhea....

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If SHE reads this...   
12:36am 05/03/2005

Sorry guys, but... If YOU, (you know who you are),  reads this I love you!!!



I always have, and always will....


----------end transmission----------


I love you all (espically YOU),

Brian H. Carver


p.s. (here's one for the guys),

11:26pm 12/02/2005
mood: cooooo
Auch auf den Wellen wird gefochten
Wo Fisch und Fleisch zur See geflochten
Der eine sticht die Lanz' im Heer
Der andere wirft sie in das Meer


Reise, Reise Seemann Reise
Jeder tut's auf seine Weise
Der eine stößt den Speer zum Mann
Der andere zum Fische dann

Reise, Reise Seemann Reise
Und die Wellen weinen leise
In ihrem Blute steckt ein Speer
Bluten leise in das Meer

Die Lanze muß im Fleisch ertrinken
Fisch und Mann zur Tiefe sinken
Wo die zwarsche Seele wohnt
Ist kein Licht am Horizont


Reise, Reise Seemann Reise
Jeder tut's auf seine Weise
Der eine stößt den Speer zum Mann
Der andere zum Fische dann

Reise, Reise Seemann Reise
Und die Wellen weinen leise
In ihrem Blute steckt ein Speer
Bluten leise in das Meer

Reise, Reise Seemann Reise
Und die Wellen weinen leise
In ihrem Blute steckt ein Speer
Bluten sich am Ufer leer
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Umm... Yeah.   
11:46pm 17/01/2005

I wish I could tell you what I feel....

I wish I could tell you what I think...

I wish I could just be with you..

I just wish.

......Is anyone listening to me???






-----------------------------------end transmission---------------------------------------------

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Here the words like whispers in the wind....   
10:39pm 02/01/2005
mood: chilllllllll
Ég Er Kominn Aftur
Inn I Þig
Það Er Svo Gott Að Vera Hér
En Stoppa Stutt Við
Eg Flýt Um I Neðarsjávar Hýði
A Hóteli Beintengdur Við Rafmagnstöfluna Og Nærist
Tjú Tjú
En Biðin Gerir Mig Leiðan - Brot Hættan Sparka Frá Mér
Og Kall A - Verð Að Fara – Hjálp
Tjú Tjú
Eg Spring Ut Og Friðurinn I Loft Upp
Baðaður Nýju Ljósi
Eg Græt Og Eg Græt – Aftengdur
Onýttur Heili Settur A Brjóst
Og Mataður Af Svefn-G-Englum
You Do Not Respond I Don't Write   
02:04am 23/12/2004
mood: happy drunk
I am drunk...

Welp... I always wonder ________________________ ((fill in the blank))...

I love you ALL!!!!!!

Brian Hugh Ignatius Carver
08:05pm 09/12/2004
mood: peaceful
Life... It's all about growing up...

I love you all!!!!

Brian Hugh Ignatius Carver
Gaelic Storm, here I come!!!   
09:31pm 07/12/2004
mood: anxious
Fuck the Pixies concert, I know what they're like. Ben Harper is okay, same old, same old. Dropkick Murphies, no good. Jack Johnson, ewww. Toadies, they're dead. GAELIC STORM, UNPREDICTABLE, AWSOME, IRISH, HARDCORE!!! GAELIC STORM CONCERT DECEMBER 10th 2004!!!! FUCK RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere we go Sheela!!

----------------------end transmission------------------------

Brian Hugh Ignatius Carver
The Best Anti-Establishment Band Ever   
04:38pm 02/12/2004
mood: lonely
swastikas and klan-robes. sexist, racist, homophobes. aryan-nations and hammerskins: you can wear my nuts on your nazi chins! god, i love a man in uniform!
what exactly are the great historical accomplishments of "your" race that make you proud to be white? capitalism? slavery? genocide? sitcoms? this is your fucking white-history, my "friend". so why don't we start making a history worth being proud of and start fighting the real fucking enemy:
the white male capitalist supemacist. swastikas and klan-robes. sexist, racist, homophobes. this one's for the "master race": my brown-power ass in your white-power face! kill them all and let a norse god sort 'em out!

~The Only Good Fascist is a Very Dead Fascist~
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THE GREATEST QUOTE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   
01:26am 28/11/2004
mood: For the first time, pissed off
"We spend our whole lives trying to stop death---eating, inventing, loving, praying, fighting ------- killing... but what do we really know about death? Just that nobody comes back. But there comes a point in life, a moment, when your mind out lives its desires, its obsessions... when your habits survive your dreams, and when your losses........ maybe death is a gift- you wonder..."

~Life of David Gale~

P.S. sooooo sad.........but so T....R.....U.....E........(forgive me Lord)

--------------------------------End Transmission-------------------------------------------------------
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It's time to get serious...   
12:43am 21/11/2004
mood: confused

Please... before I begin, all who care - post a message (I MEAN ANYONE!!)... I (for once) am gonna be serious. I'll begin:


Have I signed me death... or have I began a road I will regret??

I have come to the point where I can kill a half a case of good beer in one night... That's 12 beers in one night... The beer is Paulaner Oktoberfest Marzen, 5.8% to 6.5% alcohol by volume per beer... So... in one night I have about 70.6% of alcohol by volume in my blood... And you know what's really weird, I don't puke, I sleep perfectly, and I feel pleasantly drunk... I also destory a half a pack of cigarettes, basically 10 cigarettes in one night...

So, I am spoiled in a sense, I've never met a teenager my age that smoked or drank that much without puking, or had that privlege... BUT, I realize I am shorting my life by doing this at average 3 nights a week... Will this be the demise of the proud Irishman Brian Hugh Ignatius Carver?? Or is this just a road I am taking that I will learn off of... I refuse to seek counciling, but maybe you people can find an answer: is this road really me? Or am I only killing myself slowly?

My mind is confused and unclear... good luck trying to help me...

But, as for all who understand me... CHEERS!!!


A Proud Irishman,

Brian H. Carver


-----------------------------------end transmission-------------------------------------

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All of you.   
02:02am 20/11/2004
mood: nothing
All of you try too hard, and care too much, and worry too much...

Just chill.... Just chill and enjoy what you have right fuckin' infront of you....

Brian H. Carver

--------------------------end transmission---------------------------------------------------------------TROGDOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-------------------------------------------
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