If I Ever Leave This World Alive

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Here's one dedicated to my brother Lord Chickenfucker McJackass and my very good friend Richy McGroove-Bunny...
"Now sit by the Fireplace of Doom. And partake in the pie of lost souls which is now cooling on the windowsill of hell."
Here's some of my favorite quotes:
"Get buisy livin' or get buisy dying... That's goddamn right..."

"You know... all the problems of a honkey-guy and a wormy side-kick don't amount to a hill-a-beans in this crazy world..."

"Do you ever wonder what's killin' time?"

"I like to think I make a difference..."

"What is it about the Gates of Hell that compels people to walk into 'em?"

"If we die... We die alone"

and my favorite one: "...Until that day..."

Now a JOKE!!! What do you get when you pass an owl with a bungee-cord........ my ass....

And now a RIDDLE!!! If God smelt of elderberry, and Satan of brim-stone... what would Jesus smell like?

And my final words.... My other penis is a vagina....

haha... I said penis...
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